Sports Clubs

Are you looking for ways to attract more people to your club, increase income and build commercial sustainability?

What if your digital marketing could be done in minutes and cost less than a pint of beer a day?

Our range of digital marketing platforms makes it easy for Sports Clubs to communicate with their customers wherever they are increase footfall, awareness of facilities and maximise sales.

My Wifi+

In venue data capture for out of venue communication. FREE Wi-Fi attracts customers and keeps them in longer while the system automatically captures their data so you can keep them up to date with your events, facilities and offers by email to bring them back in.   

My Venue App

Communicate with your customers wherever they are with your club’s own branded app. The ideal out of venue active marketing solution allows you to grab your customers’ attention with what’s on and drive them back to your venue with your own mobile vouchering system.

My Loyalty + Prize App

Engage with infrequent and regular customers to keep them coming back to your venue. Our fully automated loyalty stamping, vouchering and redemption system builds customer loyalty and visit frequency while the prize draw means everyone’s a winner with automated winner and loser vouchers, bringing people in during quieter periods.